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Not Shown: Part Where the Pen Breaks Open and Spills

broken Chart graph ink paper pen rage - 5300623360
By Unknown

The Five-Second Rule of Customer Service

customer service customers five second rule graph whiteboard - 5268286208
By jnb

Of the Three, "Legal" Is the Most Optional

graph legal profit work - 4842696192
Via I Love Charts

Is This Real Work or is This Just Fantasy?

venn diagram qualifications graph monday thru friday g rated funny - 7452070656
By Unknown

CLASSIC: Tigers Hate Lazy People

break room classic coffee flow chart graph passive aggressive pot tiger - 4538398976
By Unknown

The Pattern Is "UP"

Chart graph meme Y U No Guy - 4612770816
By kutuup

"Virus" Isn't the Problem, It's "Incompetence"

computers graph tech support virus - 5091176704

Draw Your Own Conclusions

fat graph Hall of Fame linux - 5196612352
By Unknown

I Always Knew He-Man was a 1%-er

80s cartoons Chart graph he man nerdgasm nostalgia power - 5308694528
By Unknown

It Should Have Been a "Bar" Graph

career path Death g rated graph monday thru friday - 6014179328
By Unknown

Comics Edition: So Much for Getting Away

comics graph vacation - 4987403008
Via PhD Comics

Well Let's Not Oversell the Toilet Benefits

Chart graph prison - 5241641216
By Alexwin

This Week is a lot Like Going through a Desert...

animals graph wednesday work - 5379603456
By Unknown

I'm Not Sure anyone at Reuters Really Understands Venn Diagrams

funny fail image venn diagram is wrong
Via floppet123

How to Win at Work

Chart graph Hall of Fame venn diagram - 5152199168

The Morning Trifecta

graph Hall of Fame notes venn diagram - 5251548672
By Unknown
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