Monday Thru Friday


Is This Real Work or is This Just Fantasy?

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By Unknown

Of the Three, "Legal" Is the Most Optional

graph legal profit work - 4842696192
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Draw Your Own Conclusions

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By Unknown

Don't Pick Just Two

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My Piss Is Yellow... Better Drink My Own Piss

bear grylls graph meme piss safety sign - 4508799488
By Jacin

Procrastination Gets The Best Of Us

graph problem procrastination - 4606095360
By Unknown

"Virus" Isn't the Problem, It's "Incompetence"

computers graph tech support virus - 5091176704

Not Shown: Part Where the Pen Breaks Open and Spills

broken Chart graph ink paper pen rage - 5300623360
By Unknown

There's a Missing Sliver that Should Say "You Never Dropped it"

Chart graph lost office supplies pen - 5311821568
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I Love This Country!

Chart graph holiday vacation - 4372082688

The Pattern Is "UP"

Chart graph meme Y U No Guy - 4612770816
By kutuup

CLASSIC: Tigers Hate Lazy People

break room classic coffee flow chart graph passive aggressive pot tiger - 4538398976
By Unknown

The Morning Trifecta

graph Hall of Fame notes venn diagram - 5251548672
By Unknown

Happy Monday Morning! Have You Started Optimizing Your Bathroom Breaks Yet?

coffee graph Hall of Fame poop - 5206873600
By Unknown

Well Let's Not Oversell the Toilet Benefits

Chart graph prison - 5241641216
By Alexwin

I'm Not Sure anyone at Reuters Really Understands Venn Diagrams

funny fail image venn diagram is wrong
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