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Football fans grab your helmets and pads and start dribbling towards the goal. Whether you're all about the touchdown or bending it like Beckham, you won't leave disappointed. Sit back and check out some of the funniest football memes and jokes while you wait for the next match.

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From the Marketing Department: the Return of Ferris Bueller

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Keep Your Signs Current

football monday thru friday sign deflategate g rated - 8435893248
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Tim Tebow: Riding the Bench Even As a Display Model

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Eli Manning Got a New Nickname Courtesy of FOX Closed Captioning

funny fail images FOX closed captioning gives NFL Eli Manning penguin boy nickname
Via @lukeoneil47

When You're Left in the Warehouse By Yourself

monday thru friday gifs football warehouse - 8221659392
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Whoops! The Columbus Dispatch Accidentally Credits John Elway With 7 TD Passes Instead of Peyton Manning

nfl football headlines failbook - 7782621440
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NFL Kickoff on ESPN: More Princess Bride References Than You Ever Suspected

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seattle jobs lyft football Video - 79732225

Watch as Seahawk's Richard Sherman Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

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Would You Hire a Young Tom Brady?

monday thru friday resume football g rated - 8322176768
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sports job lyft driving football Video - 83251201

Gronk Went Undercover as a Lyft Driver and Honestly It Might Have Been a Fun Ride (Minus all the Tom Brady Talk)

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Nerds 2, Football Fans 1

nerds vikings Game of Thrones football - 6926845696
By selke


anthropomorphic bored boredom creativity in the workplace creepy cubicle boredom decoration equipment fan football hardware lights machine shop moustache personification sculpture soccer sports team uniform wiseass world cup - 3674173952
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From the Marketing Department: Will Arnett Gets His Own Sooperbowl Commercial

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Do You Agree?

ceo golf football manager monday thru friday tennis sports work soccer - 8240429056
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Whoever Wrote This Headline Either Had a Brain Fart or Knew Exactly What They Were Doing

funny fail images UM football player Butt wins tight end award headline
Via Detroit Free Press

Get the Perfect Decor For Your Super Bowl Party

monday thru friday sign Balloons deflategate football - 8437209344
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