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IE Intervention WIN

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Via reddit

Internet Explorer continues to be the odd browser out

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By Mail (Via C-Section Comics)

The IE Versions Kept Breaking

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By Unknown

Explorer Is the New Netscape

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By Comical_Cat

Um, Yes, That's What I Don't Want Them to See

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By Unknown

Work at Dell, Get Paid to Install Firefox

monday thru friday Dell work firefox - 8094845440
Via The Next Web

Internet Explorer is that friend you have to keep in touch with every other year

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Google Chrome? I'd totally hit that.

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By Unknown

Almost As Bad As The Blue Screen

firefox fox frozen funny restart snow - 5978991616
By LOLdogexpert

Internet Explorer looks so sad...

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By Unknown

The Unforgivable Sin

chrome firefox internet explorer it - 4412717056
By Unknown

You Can't Spell Lie Without I.E.

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By Unknown

Guess I'm A Hipster Then!

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By Unknown

AOL Not Pictured

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By Unknown

If the internet was a gun, it'd be an RPG-7

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By Unknown

The 2006 Version Was Way Better

firefox ie internet browser microsoft software - 5903533056
By Unknown