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boss fired manager mean Office Video - 28591105

Managers are Such Kidders! Oh Wait...

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0% Satisfaction, 100% Fired

fired g rated M thru F Office work - 5540405760
By roxyinpa

Sounds About Right

calendar employee fired grand opening hired - 4078789888
By fresca

We'll Be Starting Your "Exit" Interview Soon

fired sacked - 6177397248
By Unknown

Today in Things You Can't Do on the Job

fired police pr0n traffic - 5002416640

The Deadliest Ammo

fired gun product - 4829348864
Via The Merchandising Shop

Fired and Pwned

owned jobs fired pwned bosses work funny failbook g rated - 7515775744
By Unknown


busted delivery depressing dickheads ergonomics fired junk mail lazy letters mail mailbox mailman nap Sad screw you sleeping sleeping on the job usps work smarter not harder - 3679772672
By Unknown


art awesome boredom creativity in the workplace cubicle cubicle boredom decor decoration dungeons and dragons ergonomics fired fort halloween ingenuity mess nerd decor sass sculpture wasteful work smarter not harder - 3439954432
By Unknown
twitter fired revenge - 141317

Chef Takes Glorious Revenge on the Restaurant That Allegedly Wrongfully Terminated Him

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cables cat5 cat6 cubicle fail depressing dickhead co-workers ethernet FAIL fired half-assed hardware lazy mess networking osha router Sad screw you slob slovenly - 3610313216
By Unknown

Delivery Driver Asks For Time Off For Cancer Treatment, Gets Fired Instead

monday thru friday rage fired - 8385381888
Via NBC Chicago
bad job fired Hall of Fame hotel i quit prank quit Video - 27570177

Why not Go Out in Style? Like, Marching Band Style

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Happy Now?

Webcomic fired astronaut - 6760715776
Via Moonbeard

24-Hour Electronics Departments Were Soon Phased Out

awesome awesome co-workers not beer best buy boredom computers creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom drunk employee of the month fired hardware ingenuity lazy prank screw you TV work smarter not harder - 3868523008
By Bob Coyle
fast food fired homeless McDonald's - 75774721

Bad Decision of The Day: McDonald's Employee Throws Water in Homeless Man's Face, Gets Fired

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