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fire alarm

Every Office Needs One, but Who is Brave Enough to Pull it?

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New Music Genre Alert!

day off fire alarm fire truck - 6360321024
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Would Anyone at Your Office Fall For This?

monday thru friday hand sanitizer fire alarm prank g rated - 8440262912
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My Favorites Are Mike & Ike, Gobstoppers, and Misdemeanors!

fire alarm - 6527304960
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Smoke Detector Fail.

busted copy cubicle fail dangerous decoration decoy FAIL fake fire alarm lazy osha paper signs photocopy print pwned safety safety first screw you Terrifying unsafe xerox - 3567532544
By sleepingtiger54

I Don't Think That Will Work

fire alarm help sign - 5888209664
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The Delicious Smell of an Office Fire

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Safety Protocol Doubles as Dance Protocol

fire alarm fire extinguisher - 4758238464
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Sorry, What Sound Does It Make Again?

fire alarm los angeles mall - 6455801600
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