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facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

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retail fail

Reading These Amazingly Dumb Customer Requests Might Just Give You Retail Rage PTSD

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In That Case, It's too Late

facebook facepalm internet browser internet explorer it tech support - 5395155456
By Unknown

Traffic Jam

facepalm note soda sticky vending machine - 4451625728
By hohospade

You're A Little Late

facepalm printer waste - 4223732736
By Unknown
funny dumb people who misunderstood jokes | If ever crash car just press this button and 'll undo accident r This is lie button makes air circle car. Idiot liar. | Cowboy Cow That's fucking horse

People Who Aggressively Didn't Get The Joke

Extra points for blind confidence.
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work facepalm Video - 70343169

Ever Have One of These Kinds of Work Weeks?

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You Never Know Until You Ask...

facepalm outlet monday thru friday g rated - 8299025152
Via Bits and Pieces

Can't Wait to Celebrate Carnival in Hong Kong This Year!

news facepalm funny fail nation g rated - 7841722880

IT Is Gonna Be Pissed...

facepalm time - 4270060544
By ltwiggle

Be Very Specific When You Ask For a Photo Cake

cake facepalm dessert - 7035773952
By Unknown

Making a Copy of a CD is Super Easy!

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facepalm notes passive aggressive - 4172397824
By Unknown
Cringe, Funny Cringe, Funny Memes, Social Media, Facebook, Reddit, Facepalm, Funny Comments, Cringetopia | collected all legs roaches live my house and finally created my masterpieces y these are jumbo flying roach legs are now sale they're itchy but cute | Weed adaed Tolaze itl Ph?c-An 47 minutes ago Like A2 man did u photoshop ur eyes Dominik No photoshop, only quality weed my friend

20+ Cringeworthy & Eye-roll Inducing Internet Moments

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Well, Somebody's Having a GREAT Week

bathroom facepalm Office sexy times - 5378820864
By Unknown
Funny food fails, funny tweets, twitter thread, restaurants, food orders, facepalm, cringe | lilyanna @lilyannatrnr my bf told me when he was 17 he worked in a posh hotel and at breakfast some bloke asked him "is this creme fraiche?" and he replied "yeah we don't serve out of date food" and I can't stop thinking about it | skinnylegend m8 wbu? Replying to @lilyannatrnr My mate worked in a wine bar for a bit an a customer asked her for "a Chilean red wine" an she went to mix the house red with

25 Food Order Fails Packed With Facepalm

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