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You Can't Put a Price on Chic

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The Extra Grand Is For the Apple-Shaped Logo

apple expensive Hall of Fame macbook price - 5051744000
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aquarium art awesome clever creativity in the workplace decor decoration expensive fish ingenuity insane osha probably-photoshop-but-you-dont-care sculpture stupid wasteful work smarter not harder - 3392574720
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Rollback Time!

candy expensive sour patch Walmart sour patch monday thru friday sour patch g rated - 6248702464
Created by Javafox

An Instance of Not Getting What You Pay For

prices expensive - 7077822464
Created by Anthony Ward

KFC Pricing Explained

expensive junk food kfc pricing rip off - 6009695744
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Ya Know?

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15 Mb For Just $2495? Great Deal!

expensive Hall of Fame vintage - 5950030592
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What a Rip-Off!

rip off McDonald's expensive - 6994269952
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And I'm Contractually Obligated to Keep It For Two Years!

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Via Endless Origami

Reblagged 4 Trooth

ipad hacked irl expensive apple - 6941781504
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unreasonable customer asks for refund

Insane Customer Demands Refund for Her Own Vase She Ruined

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Inflation Can Be a Real Pain

box cardboard box expensive - 6297034240
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