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Dashed Hopes

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Are Peaches Also Sold By Eaches?

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Donut Try to Deny It

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Maybe Walmart's Just Reusing the Box... Yeah, That's the Ticket!

donuts Walmart monday thru friday g rated - 7240198912
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Is There Still a Chocolate Frosted One?

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Is This A Prank?

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From a Donut Shop in Oklahoma City, OK

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Every Work Day is Better With a Snack

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Sweet, Sweet Bribery

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I'd like to meet the marketing genius who came up with this so I can shake his chubby hand

donuts tacos - 5671588352
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But Children Are So Tasty!

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Some Elevator Entertainment

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Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

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This Is Why Bosses Do It So Much...

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This Day is Off to a Poor Start

FAIL donuts monday thru friday doughnuts work g rated - 8255256576
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