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Wait Just a Minute...

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Beefing Up Business

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Ask a Stupid Question...

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If They Can't Fix You, No One can

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"But I Read on WebMD..."

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Stop Being Happy, It's Distracting

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Where Else Am I Supposed To Put It?

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Nothing Like a Good Work-Related Pun

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Already a Contender for 2013's Most Unfortunate Name

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What If The Doctor's Name Is Jesus?

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Nice to See You!

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How Do You Say "Seems Legit" in Romanian?

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Please Don't Whistle While You Work

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Our "Absurdity" Department Just Got a new Fellowship

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Go On, See How Your Doctor Responds...

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A woman shares various overheards from her medical student husband | insert Dolly emoji here BuhRooklynne KID TOY light turns read, talk into speaker turn into song! Okay, Go! HUSBAND: GYNOCOMASTIA

Wife's Overheards Of Medical Student Husband

Always something new with a medical student.
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