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Where Else Am I Supposed To Put It?

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How Do You Say "Seems Legit" in Romanian?

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Please Don't Whistle While You Work

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patients' answers to sexual history questions

Nurses on Reddit Revealed Their Favorite Answers to the Famous "Sexual History" Question

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Beefing Up Business

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Go On, See How Your Doctor Responds...

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A woman shares various overheards from her medical student husband | insert Dolly emoji here BuhRooklynne KID TOY light turns read, talk into speaker turn into song! Okay, Go! HUSBAND: GYNOCOMASTIA

Wife's Overheards Of Medical Student Husband

Always something new with a medical student.
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Stickin' to the Plan, Doc, Don't You Worry

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Already a Contender for 2013's Most Unfortunate Name

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What If The Doctor's Name Is Jesus?

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Ask a Stupid Question...

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Stop Being Happy, It's Distracting

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And He's The Best You've Ever Had

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If They Can't Fix You, No One can

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"But I Read on WebMD..."

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Doctor takes revenge on his trainer by opening up offices around him | r/ProRevenge Join u/bleedybutts 2y Uncle bankrupts his previous employer Not sure if this is petty or pro or whatever be judge My uncle is an Indian doctor 90s there massive doctors shortage Australia so government gave him citizenship. Unfortunately still had sit 3 expensive exams work as doctor Australia. These exams cost thousands dollars, only happened twice year, had limited sitting spots/times and had arbitrary

Uncle Bankrupts Previous Mean Employer

Good for this guy.
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