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Keyboard Shortcuts IRL

copy cut eraser Paste scissors tape - 4343089408
By Unknown

Now THAT'S How You Write Copy

queen copy headlines monday thru friday g rated - 7360132096
By Unknown

Less Expensive Than Ink

alcohol copy drinking ink printer - 4334157568
By Unknown
copy Music Video xerox - 22183937

Squeezing Some Beats Out of Soulless Drudgery

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Making a Copy of a CD is Super Easy!

Via whatdamuff

Smoke Detector Fail.

busted copy cubicle fail dangerous decoration decoy FAIL fake fire alarm lazy osha paper signs photocopy print pwned safety safety first screw you Terrifying unsafe xerox - 3567532544
By sleepingtiger54

Keyboard Shortcuts

tape Paste cut copy scissors eraser - 6657145344
By _C_A_T_

I Heard You Like Copies

CD copy xerox - 4999173120
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copy cut eraser Paste scissors - 3900690944
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This is Why You Have Editors...

copy newspapers editors - 7348718592
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Labor-Saving Tech

copy gifs keyboard Paste - 5094592256
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