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These Savings Won't Last Long!

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The Donuts Just Weren't Doing the Trick Anymore

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To Serve and Protect

cops milk restoring faith in humanity week monday thru friday - 7377202688
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Somehow, I Don't Think Those Are Real Police Officers

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Don't Mess With the Manager's Bush!

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Find Ways to Have Some Fun at Work

monday thru friday cops - 8244950272
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Excuse Me, Could You Tell Me Where "Go" Is?

chicago cops police - 6352865536
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The Most Infuriating Episode of 'Cops' Would Have Been Filmed in Manitowoc County

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Why Do THEY Get Horses?

monday thru friday cops work bike horse police - 8093196800
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After Being Pulled Over This Young Man Posted About the Lesson He Walked Away With

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I Smell a Conspiracy Here...

cops donuts doughnuts dunkin donuts police - 6510975232
By Unknown

Hook, Line, and Sinker

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A Man of Many Hats

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They're Both Just Trying to Do Their Jobs

monday thru friday costume cops sandwich Subway - 8372064768
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Florida Woman Got This Apology Cake After Being Wrongfully Tased By Cop

funny fail image news florida woman gets tased by cop and then given apology cake
Via Pensacola News Journal
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A Couple of Minneapolis Cops Stopped to Play a Pick Up Game of Football With Kids

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