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Pantsing: The Latest Way to Initiate Office Romance

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Every Office Needs a Few Cats For the Copy Room

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Insta-Stress Relief

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By Unknown

I Think We're Past That Point Now

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Ryan Gosling Makes Minor Office Annoyances Bearable

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April Fools: Voice Commands

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I Can't Sleep Without at Least Four Warm Reams on Me

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Bad Copier!

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Man, Even Those Photocopies Would Hurt if You Stepped on Them

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By Unknown

Photocopying 101

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Easy Does It...

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We're Out of Toner Again...

monday thru friday copier copy machine toner mess - 8277799936
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Thank You, Thank You! What a Great Audience!

copier copy machine paper jam PC LOAD LETTER printer - 6368719616
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"Am I Just Using the Wrong Setting or Something?"

monday thru friday copier ipad FAIL - 8213408000
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