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Whooooo's Ready For an Apocalypse?

calendar cyanide and happiness comics apocalypse end of the world - 6901058816
Via Cyanide and Happiness

Comics Edition: So Much for Getting Away

comics graph vacation - 4987403008
Via PhD Comics

Well That's Kind of Dark

toothpaste for dinner FRIDAY Death comics monday - 7026155008
Via Toothpaste For Dinner

Tom, Please, Can We Focus on Market Shares?

meetings comics - 7387767296
Via Left Handed Toons

Origins: Ronald McDonald

McDonald's comics - 7302276864
Via Funky Smell

Hello Goodbye

computers work comics monday thru friday g rated - 7241039360
Via David Barneda

Mmm... Evidence

comics - 7265248256
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Honesty is Our Policy

insurance comics honesty - 7383531776
Via Pain Train Comic

You're Not Fooling Anyone

comics checks for lack of a better comic - 7039113728
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

Well This is Awful

Awkward comics invisible bread awful - 6975279360
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Alan Moore's Day Job

comics - 6107917824
Created by Unknown


advertising awesome basement batman billboard boredom clever comic book comics creativity in the workplace cubicle prank decoration derp false advertising hotel ingenuity lies motel official sign prank sass sign signage wiseass - 3686774272
Created by haphsaph

And So The Vicious Cycle Continues

vicious cycle alcoholism comics - 7074629632
Created by Zsofi ( Via Patya Matty )

I Make Great Life Choices!

comics - 7093548032
Via Amazing Super Powers

Dark Hospital Comic

solar powered respirator comic
Via d4nace

Tell... Tell Friday That...

Webcomic FRIDAY comics monday - 6871736320
Via Been Better
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