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Just sit your keister down in that chair right there and harken: chairs sometimes don't leave you a leg to lean on. But if you get smacked by a  person in a wheelchair, you could call it a hit but can't run. So if you're into chairs and literally anything having to do with them. Just remember, you'll never be as good as Steven Hawking at musical chairs.

chair dangerous extreme stupid Video - 11767041

Bringing Extreme To The Office

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This Friday Only!

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Your Chair Hates Work as Much as You Do

monday thru friday chair expression angry - 8363975680
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If It's Not One Thing It's Another

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Bill Gates chair interview jump microsoft stunt Tech Video windows - 27284225

Rare Footage of Bill Gates at Work

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Ham Juice?

chair ham wet what whiteboard - 4252037632
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Won't Somebody Give Me a Hand?

work chair image Won't Somebody Give Me a Hand?
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Classic: You Think Your Work Sucks?

chair fat work - 4660947968
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Kind of Defeats the Purpose

monday thru friday chair lazy g rated - 8427632384
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Office Swag: Sitters Get Fitter

chair exercise office swag sitting - 4925975552
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When Your Boss Accidentally Buys Chairs From an Elementary School Auction

monday thru friday chair work g rated - 8042451968
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Never Stand on the Subway Again!

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It's a Good Day When Your Chair is Happy to See You

chair face poorly dressed - 8357135104
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Don't Forget It Rises Up And Down!

chair office chair coffee mug - 7075549952
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Office Swag: Astroturf Chair

chair office chair office swag - 4914938880

We Are Tired of Mopping Up the Water

monday thru friday chair sign - 8279714304
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