Monday Thru Friday



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Created by Damfino


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Someone Was Cardbored...

cardboard desk joke laptop office prank phone prank trick - 6017699840
Created by summerofevidence

I Left Early and Made a Replica of Myself to Fool My Boss

dummies cardboard monday thru friday g rated - 7673104640

I've Never Felt So Bad About Taking Out the Recycling

cardboard lego monday thru friday recycling g rated - 8256578560
Via The Meta Picture

Office Pranks: Yes, This is Brofort, Over

cardboard office pranks - 6529373440

Cardboard Office Gets A New Ergonomic Chair!

cardboard chair Dell - 5907478784


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boredom boxes cardboard creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom decoration mario mess nerd nintendo sculpture shell stack stacked star video game wiseass - 3699902208
Created by amyowhorker

I Heard It Was "Bring Your Kid To Work Day"!

cardboard cubicle pedobear prank - 4370046720


architecture awesome co-workers not boredom boxes cardboard creativity in the workplace cubicle cubicle boredom cubicle fail decoration depressing mess recycling remodel Sad sculpture work smarter not harder - 3831697664
Created by Ryan


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Created by Isaac

Mobile Suit Cardboard

anime awesome cardboard creativity FTW - 4293216768
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