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You Had One Job

monday thru friday candy packaging work - 8046434816
By Unknown

The "Perks" of the Job

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Work through the Caffeine Jitters!

caffeine candy energy drink late snacks work - 5332301312
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Just Take the Damn Sweets!

candy diet note passive aggressive - 5310430464
By maxystone (Via Passive Aggressive Notes)

Competitive Resources Management

candy reeses theft - 4828820224
By jaloosk

Sad But True

candy cheetos chips comic funny vending machine - 4532153344


alien boner boredom candy cubicle boredom cubicle fail decoration disney dumb error lazy mess Movie pedobear post it Sad screw you sexual harassment wiseass - 3845605888
By Joshburton

Rollback Time!

candy expensive sour patch Walmart sour patch monday thru friday sour patch g rated - 6248702464
By Javafox

Live Healthy, Live Well

candy gum kit kat reeses m&ms snacks candy bars snickers m&ms monday thru friday m&ms g rated - 6344946432
By Unknown

Don't Even Get Me Started on Gobstoppers

candy Hall of Fame reeses - 6461627648
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So the Candy Must Be in the... Nope, More Tampons

candy - 7171032576
By Unknown

Good Guy Walmart Shopper

candy Walmart Good Guy Greg monday thru friday g rated - 6723308544
By Unknown

Happy Birthday, Nate!

monday thru friday candy birthday soda mountain dew cubicle - 8422693120
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Disney’s Only Black Princess Hawks Watermelon Candy

candy disney Hall of Fame racist watermelon - 5933541120

This is Why We Can't Have Sweet Things

monday thru friday candy sign work - 8193258240
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