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What Came First, The Copyright Or The Copyright Of The Copyright?

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Business Skeleton

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My Business Could Sell More If Only I Could...

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Some People Want More Options, Others...

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Employee changes passwords and then goes on vacation story | Posted by u Morgoth 9 hours ago 2 3 2 35 3 Force take my vacation time dont want and tell secure my station by freshening up my passwords before go? Okay boss. oc s start with, my boss had his moments. Sometimes he dick who would push off on my raises or screw with my system, sometimes he would hook up and make my life pleasant. This not one latter.

Jerk Boss Bumps Vacation, Employee Changes Passwords and Leaves

"If that's what you want me to do boss, okay."
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Like Customers Need to Know How Business Works, Sheesh

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Well, a Bunch of WASPs Worked Here to Begin With, Not a Big Change

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This Company Really Knows How to Sell Itself

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They Have A Drive Through Window

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products that have big crazy markups | DownBad1 1 day ago never forget learning movie theater worked at paid $5 24 pack Dasani bottles charged $4.50 1.

Products That Are Too Marked Up For Their Own Good

It's just frustrating.
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Wet T-Shirt Contests Just Got a Lot Hairier

funny sign win bar genders
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A Porn Website Just Joined the Ranks of Businesses and Entertainers That Are Pulling out of North Carolina

lgbtq news business A Porn Website Just Joined the Ranks of Businesses and Entertainers That Are Pulling out of North Carolina
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It's official. Drive-Thru culture is now on that part of the map that says "Here there be monsters!"

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November 1st: Judgment Day

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You Got It, Pal!

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It's Not a Slip-Up, It's Divine Intervention

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