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break room

Also, Both are Very Very Dirty

break room cleaning dirty dishes sign - 5273556224

Sharing is Caring

break room food refrigerator sharing - 4350116608
By Unknown

Watch It, You're About to Steep a Bloodbath

break room breakroom sign tea - 5202421248

Sure, NOW You Call Them

break room mice poop - 4756520704
By Unknown

Whatever You Say

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Hell Hath no Fury Like a Member of Marketing Scorned

break room drug test food fridge Hall of Fame note prank troll - 5305000704
By Unknown

Never A Miscoffeecation

break room coffee note passive aggressive post sign - 4531691008
By dyanacek

But When She Got There, The Cupboard Was Bare

allergies break room - 4966100480

Break Room Grievances

monday thru friday post its work break room - 8035722240
By Unknown

Promoting Fiscal Efficiency

break room cheez its - 4745037568
By bbohley

Cookie Troll

break room cookies rage rage comic troll - 4553694976
By Rren (Via

Just back away slowly...

boss break room lemonade orange juice signs - 4852116736
By lcole132

I Guess Those People Will Have to Go, Too

break room breakroom sign spelling - 5254576640
By maxystone (Via

Time to Get a Smaller Bowl

break room food post-it notes - 4870438144
By lvansyckle

Have You No Decency, Sir?

break room theft - 4969667840
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No One Steals My Sandwich Anymore!

monday thru friday refrigerator fridge break room g rated - 8266277888
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