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break room

"I Somehow Feel as If This Flowchart Were Made Especially for Me," Pondered Greg

break room breakroom flowchart programming sign water cooler - 5255547136
By Brad

Cookie Troll

break room cookies rage rage comic troll - 4553694976
By Rren (Via

Oh, Well Now That You've Let Me Know It's Not Actually Rancid Milk, the Flavor Suddenly Becomes Delicious

break room coffee - 4753751040
By 22665joe

Alternative Coffee-Making Methods

break room coffee coffee machine - 4819921920
By Unknown

Sure, NOW You Call Them

break room mice poop - 4756520704
By Unknown


basic instructions break room cubicle prank dickhead co-workers dickheads graffiti mess office kitchen official sign passive aggressive sass screw you signage wiseass - 3222905344
By Unknown

Do I Work in an Office of Magicians or Something?

break room coffee Rage Comics - 6310983936
By Unknown

Nobody Wants That Rabbit Food

break room cheese fridge ham salad thief - 4543150592
By Unknown

CLASSIC: Tigers Hate Lazy People

break room classic coffee flow chart graph passive aggressive pot tiger - 4538398976
By Unknown

I'll See Your Smart-Ass Post-It and Raise You Another

break room microwave post it - 4743011584
By ridmaster

Dear Peons and Underlings...

break room kitchen - 6424592384
By Unknown

Microwave Drama

break room microwave notes - 4776728320
By Unknown

Have You No Decency, Sir?

break room theft - 4969667840
Via Office Fridges

We'll All Get Through This Together

monday thru friday post it coffee maker work break room - 8074628608
Via imgur

Well That's Rude!

break room fat holidays thanks - 4270476800
By hemerademeter

The Break Room Situation Has Been Neutralized

break room post it monday thru friday snack vending machine - 8241530880
Via theCHIVE
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