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This Could Lead to a Crappy Commute

bus birds commute monday thru friday - 8250040576
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Crows are basically pirates

Crow shows just how smart they are by sneaky stealing a fish from a penguin
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Talk About Angry Birds

angry birds birds flow chart Hall of Fame manager - 6010501888
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Together We Ride!

birds - 7928221696
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funny memes, dank memes, shitposts, stupid memes, 2020 memes, relatable memes, quarantine, work | And winner this year's award worst nest ever goes pigeon sitting next to an egg surrounded by some sticks | OVERCONFIDENT FLYING FISH DID ESCAPED PREDATORS HAVE EVOLVED! BIRDS: Conceited reaction

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funny memes pigeon to do list
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Okay, Who's Supposed to Be on Bird Duty?

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The Avian Look Must Be in For Fall

monday thru friday poorly dressed birds mannequin retail g rated - 8307603456
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The Turd is the Word

poop birds cars monday thru friday g rated - 7322405632
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annoying birds creepy decoration dickhead co-workers feces file cabinet gross mess pets pooping everywhere Terrifying weird wtf - 3679771648
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Way Better Than Ringing a Bell

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Dank Memes, Random Memes, Funny Memes, Spicy Memes, Relatable Memes, Nerdy Memes | almost had heart attack this morning dog with stripes of shadow falling on its fur looking like a tiger | kukukraut 3h 1 Award Interesting fact: Betty White used be Betty Grey until she fought Balrog and reborn.

40 Zesty Memes For The Bitter Soul

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