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A Major Selling Point

monday thru friday batman duct tape - 8286449920
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And... Here... We... Go!

batman ransom thief troll - 4105101312
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batman Video - 72956161

Can Sidekicks Collect Unemployment? Ask Robin

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But, We Need A Hero

bathroom batman funny sign spelling - 4516740608
Created by Soundsofamime

The Dark Knight Rises to the Challenge

batman bruce wayne captain america Hall of Fame iron man The Avengers the dark knight the dark knight rises tony stark - 6440029952
Created by Unknown

Can't Make It to Work Today, Catwoman Stole My Car Keys

batman email excuses late - 5068582144
Created by nowaymang

Mr. Freeze the Janitor

batman cleaning floor ice machine notice pun sign warning - 5285771008
Created by Unknown

Everyone Wants Bacon

chalkboards batman bacon - 6982102016
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batman web comics - 572421

Batman Villains As Bosses You Will Definitely Recognize

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Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Brown...

batman delivery package UPS - 6098401536
Created by ThatBradGuy


awesome co-workers not basic instructions bathroom batman dickhead co-workers face gross mess paper signs piss piss seat pissing pissing everywhere psycho rage sass screw you signage silhouette threat toilet toilet graffiti warning weird wiseass - 3793928448
Created by Unknown

Dewy Decimal System of LOLs

I see what you did there batman monday thru friday g rated - 7812989952
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You've Found My Weakness!

batman bruce wayne iron man rich Spider-Man superheroes The Avengers tony stark - 6332891136
Created by Unknown

He's Not the Assistant Corporate Accounts Manager Gotham Deserves...

batman Hall of Fame the dark knight the dark knight rises - 6355600896
Created by Unknown

Maybe Batman Will See It Over the Internet and Come Save Me

batman - 7591991040
Created by Unknown


barista batman bruce wayne Starbucks the dark knight rises - 6707925504
Created by Unknown
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