Customer's Translation Fail Results In Begging Bartender For Nothing

Translation fails inspire all kinds of hilarious confusion between two perfectly rational human beings. In this case, we have a customer unknowingly repeatedly pleading for nothing at all. If you're the bartender on the other side of that mishap, do you let the oblivious stupidity persist, or do you correct the translation fail as soon as possible? Could be a tough call if you end up wanting to have some fun with it. 

A customer's translation fail results in them repeatedly begging a bartender for nothing | r/tifu u/pzych_ TIFU by begging bar tender nothing M So this story happened about year ago, and requires some cultural context Ireland, there's been recent resurgence Irish language, and lot movement promote Irish speaking throughout countries. This resulted an Irish speaking bar being opened Dublin didn't grow up Ireland, so don't speak word Irish- but my best friend begging go with her this bar
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