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You Need the Maximum Amount of Minimum Wage to Afford Rent

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Via National Low Income Housing Commission
A tenant manages to get some inconsiderate and loud neighbors fined | r/pettyrevenge u/gloriaj10 Getting My Neighbors Fined my previous apartment lived on bottom floor with two roommates girls who lived above were really noisy, playing loud music at all hours night. Music doesn't really affect much but my roommates really annoying. They called and one office workers asked them quiet down as there complaint couple days later heard really loud thumping and jumping my ceiling can handle

Tenant Gets Inconsiderate, Stomping Neighbors Fined

They shouldn't have sunk that low.
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Landlord encourages a tenant to research their rights, the tenant does, and then a victory ensues | Hi friday sent payment on 11:03 .m. Hi no didn't waiting tell if leaving or staying like said. If stay, l'll pay rent. If not staying, then don't have pay rent October, as paid first and last moved Right? 11:09 .m. No said will continue make regular payments and will refund security deposit which us equal one month rent vacate way get back last month rent.

Landlord Encourages Tenant To Research Rights, Tenant's Victory Ensues

Nice try.
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Situational Comedy Clause

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By DunderMiffliNate