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How to Achieve Maximum Annoyance With Minimum Effort

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Can't Wait Until Everything Is Wireless

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Ridiculous customer waits their time for pennies | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Wraith347 7 hours ago Cuss out over pennies? Oh get pennies. oc M Longtime lurker, so thought share my favorite story my time foodservice, years and years ago shy, quiet 15-year-old first started working at certain fast food restaurant my small town. Then encountered general public. Many morning rush customers were super kind regulars who got know and liked. But then there Penny Guy.

Demanding Customer Wastes Their Own Time for Four Cents

Some customers can't be reasoned with.
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Cubicle Worker Breakdown

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Watch This Mom Perfectly Use Snapchat Filters To Hilariously Nail a Horrible Annoying Customer Experience

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unfair jobs and moments that made people go "screw this, I'm out." | CONFETA 1 day ago S E 2 at yearly review former boss hyped up giving 0.10 raise and praised good team leader asked about management position had opened up at store sent fix, she told she couldn't stand lose permanently another store turned my two week notice and moved on.

Times People Said "Screw This" And Noped On Out

Sometimes enough is enough.
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Customer returns tons of chicken, makes money off employees | O r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/ShenaniganXD 6 days ago 3 Lady returns 150pcs fried chicken Medium So few years back worked large retail/grocery company. And like most grocery stores have deli section working returns desk, which still fairly new at, and customer rolls up with cart had two cardboard boxes full half eaten fried chicken don't think ever seen much fried chicken before.

Employees Get Bamboozled by Chicken Lady

Oh she got them good.
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She Probably Should've Called HR By Now

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Must Not Be Using Video Conferencing

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