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American Advertising

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This Year Why Not Try to Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad

Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad
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Advertising at Its Cleverest

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Best Beer Ad Ever? Best Beer Ad Ever.

beer ads Rage Comics - 8013861120
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Now THESE Ads I Can Live With!

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This Black Friday Ad Designer is About to Get Burned

funny fail image black friday ad designer uses wrong image
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Some Ads Go Straight for the Jugular

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Teenagers: We Know Drama

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Juxtapostion FAIL

ads advertising meta world of warcraft - 5020221952
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Nay, I is be Proud for to My English

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Shaving Like a Sir

ads from the marketing department sir - 6938130688
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TV Commercials Need MOAR DUBSTEP

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I Wheely Didn't Appreciate That Ad

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This Ad Really Targets Me

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ads Video work kids doritos puppies - 169989

Love the Super Bowl Ads, But Hate the Actual Game?

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Ad Placement at Its Best

ads yahoo Subway - 7991866112
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