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The Customer Can Use Your Product However He Goddamn Pleases

review reviews Target - 5002442752

Right on Target

facebook failbook one direction Target - 6527725824
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"Have the Blank Name Tags Arrived Yet?"

monday thru friday name tag Target g rated - 8400237056
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Racist Office Furniture

furniture Target - 5972951296
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Message Blocked

message Target monday thru friday g rated - 7628786688
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Workplace WIN: Campbells to Begin Selling Andy Warhol Soup Cans

Target - 6552088320
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Label Maker + Disgruntled Staff = This

monday thru friday customer service retail work Target g rated - 8195847168
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Are You Sure About That?

Target condoms monday thru friday g rated - 7844811776
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'Sup to You Too!

Target - 7945411584
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Target Just Lost 40 Million Credit Card Numbers

identity theft credit cards Target - 7963482880


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Shopping Can Be Rough Sometimes

shopping Target - 6812671488
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Worst Happy Face Ever

christmas Target - 7874036480
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My My, Target! You're Looking Mighty Radioactive Today!

Target - 6544656896
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This Scanner is Amazing!

monday thru friday kids retail parenting Target - 8433503232
Via blueshirt29

You Might Want to Look Into These Employees...

work McDonald's Target failbook g rated - 6999948288
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