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When Your Favorite Teams Loses and Your Salt AF About it, But You've Got a Job to Do Too

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There, I Hung It

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We Could All Use a Little Hideaway Like This

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Looks Like Portland is Finally Getting Salty AF About Portlandia

funny sign tweet Portland bookstore posts salty Portlandia sign
Via @ChrisCharabaruk
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2015 Was a Great Year For Weather Report Bloopers

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This Arson Victim Solves the Case on Live TV and Wait, What Did She Say the Reason Was?

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Prepping For a Cooking Show or a Quick Bump, It's All on TV Now

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Is There Anything More British Than a News Anchor Awkwardly Trying to Explain Two People in a Compromising Position?

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24-Hour Electronics Departments Were Soon Phased Out

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Watch a Reporter Save a Man Stupid Enough to Drive into a Flooded Street in Texas

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These Cardinals' Fans Have the Right Attitude at a Baseball Game

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What If Education Careers Were Covered Like Sports?

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I'm Glad My Job Isn't On TV

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This Commenter on TV is Every Student Who Got Caught BS-ing Their Source Page For a School Report

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Things people are fans of but are ashamed of | WreckNRepeat 13.6k points 1 day ago 1984 s probably my favorite book, but never met another person whose favorite book is 1984 who wasn't completely insufferable.

Things People are Ashamed to Be Fans Of

Liking something can get complicated.
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