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Following Instructions to the Letter...

barista name monday thru friday spelling Starbucks misspelling - 8361054976
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Frappuccinos, Frappuccinos Everywhere

barista name monday thru friday Starbucks g rated - 8323291904
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How Could They Let This Happen?

monday thru friday sign Starbucks pumpkin spice g rated - 8342864128
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Starbucks Video - 34015233

"Ski-Thru" Culture is a Thing Now I Guess

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barista batman bruce wayne Starbucks the dark knight rises - 6707925504
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Awkward Starbucks Office - 45979393

The World's Most Awkward Secret Santa

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art Awkward boredom chalkboard chalkboard art clever creativity in the workplace decoration funny hilarious job lol marketing pedobear sandwich board sass signage specials board Starbucks Terrifying weird wiseass work lol work smarter not harder - 3821344512
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Free Coffee, Anyone?

coffee employee Starbucks - 6481044992
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Get Your Own WiFi, Freeloaders

laptops news Starbucks wifi - 5065729792

Dat Phil

monday thru friday barista Starbucks misspelling coffee spelling name - 8393911296
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Wasn't Even Close

monday thru friday Starbucks name web comics - 8371080192
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Christmas Coffee

christmas Starbucks tree - 4301453568
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WILSON!!! I Love You! Don't Ever Change!

coffee Starbucks - 6610173184
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Still Better Than Misspelling "Ian"

barista coffee monday thru friday Starbucks g rated - 8263024640
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addiction architecture art boredom caffeine creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom garbage mess pile recycling Sad sculpture stack Starbucks tower trash waste of time - 3328748288
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How Much Are Frappucinosh?

Starbucks coffee - 6629253376
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