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In Other News, Apple Tries to Patent the Shape of a Rectangle

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Friendly PSA: Samsung Galaxy S4s Can Catch Fire (And Samsung Would Rather You Not Talk About It)

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Someone's Been Having a Really Good Time at Best Buy...

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Good Guy Microsoft

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We're Totes Sorry, Samsung

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Samsung: Everything Apple Is Only With a Bigger Screen

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Don't Let One Mad Apple Spoil the Bunch

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This Must Be How Skynet Begins

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Samsung Mobile's New 'Galaxy Gear' Commercial is Awful and Creepy for So Many Reasons

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You'd Be Better Off With a Regular-Sized Nokia Shield

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This Has to Be One of the Worst Acting Jobs in an Advertisement We've Ever Seen

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Did We Just Become Best Friends?

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Talk About Jealousy or Betrayal or Something!

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From the Marketing Department: So What DO We Call It?

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Autocowrecks: The iPhone 5 Drop Test

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Just About the Worst Name an Apple Employee Can Have

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