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I was blue-screen-of-deathed twice on the same computer before I switched operating systems

blue screen of death bsod PC windows 7 - 5660751872
Created by Master64

Apple's Starting to Slack Off on Their PC Business

apple literal PC - 5133193216
Created by Zee Office Pseudo, Uncompensated Co-Manager when the Boss is Out

It's Better If You Just Don't Touch The Computers

computer fix it PC windows - 4401810944
Created by Unknown

Mac Users

PC - 7401938176
Created by mrmrr

PCs Are 60 Percent More Likely to Experience a Crash on Mondays

crash monday mondays PC - 5273126912
Created by Unknown

But We Don't Have to Get Specific About It

error PC - 4906889216
Created by Unknown

"Hang On, Khaled, I'm Just Going to Update My Twitter Really Quick!"

america apple barack obama computer laptop mac Osama Bin Laden PC - 5891564288
Created by Unknown

Come on, we know you're not actually using that computer for anything real

lolcats mac PC - 5521519616
Created by Unknown

Office Swag: Click to Unbuckle

mac mouse PC - 4970168576

Do Not Power Off While Your PC is Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

PC windows microsoft - 7701705472
Created by Unknown