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Workplace Memes and FAILs That Will Help Get You Through the Week

31 Workplace Memes and FAILs That Will Help Get You Through the Week

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Why Don't We Just Promise Not to Interrupt Each Other?

monday thru friday sign Office smoking - 8279901440
Via Vennish

Your Office Chair Might be on to Something

no i dont wanna frowning office chair
Via gt_andy

Just in case you want to sell your soul for eternal life on your morning commute

M thru F morning commute Office work - 5499970048
Created by Unknown

Quick To The Draw

mouse Office wasting time - 4564829184
Created by Unknown

Like a Bus!

Office bus - 5769384960
Created by Unknown

No Less Ridiculous than Any Other Office Job

business ceo comic Office wait what weird work - 5411380224
Via Yang Young-Soon
chairs robots Office invention Video - 78206465

Are We So Lazy We Need 'Self-Parking' Chairs or are We Just Preparing For Our Robot Overlords?

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What? You Said You Wanted a Corner Office!

bathroom g rated monday thru friday Office restroom - 6491209216
Created by Unknown

How to Win and End an Office Post-it Art War

How to Win and End an Office Post-it Art War
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Work Memes For People Who Are Over It

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The Office Is Watching You(r) Poop

bathroom Office poop restroom sign - 5288107008
Created by catasaurus84 ( Via )
newspaper Office prank Video - 17817857

I Love Reactions To Pranks

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This Weird Hand Designed to Keep You Upright at Work Won't Make You Hate Your Menial Desk Job Any Less

weird japanese products anti slouching robot arm
Via Thanko

Who Needs A Corner Office Anyway

Via shillyburg