Unprofessional Moments That Were Someone's One Job

What can you do, you know? I mean, you could go back and do it correctly, but it's good enough, right? These impeccable instances of poor judgement and on-the-job laziness make for some skillfully unprofessional "not my job" moments. Hey man, maybe it was almost lunch or something.

Funny not my job fails | misaligned doors that don't close because of the handles | warped road marks on newly poured concrete
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Fail of The Day: Man Finds Bank Wide Open With No One Inside
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Someone is getting fired.

An Arizona man who didn't realize his local bank was closed on Veteran's Day arrived only to discover that someone left the doors unlocked.

Rey Lopez entered the bank and realized no one was around. He called out and got no response. - Columbia, South Carolina

"I was basically inside the bank and I had access to the computers, the desks, the registers, the furniture. Anybody could have gone in there and just helped themselves to whatever," Lopez told KPHO.

After snapping a selfie of his stranger encounter, he called police to get the place locked up.

Biggest missed opportunity ever.