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Mutants Only

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We All Have the Power to Make This Insane LEGO X-Men Set a Reality

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Hand Turkey WIN

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Let's Do it for Morph!

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The Brotherhood Requires This Hoodie

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Nostalgia-Bombed WIN

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Alright, You Deserve This Space

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An Electronic Artist Released Their Single "Dazzler" in the Best Way

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When the Sun is in the Right Spot in the Sky, OakOak's Street Decal Becomes Mighty Marvel Magic

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Can We Get This Novelty Helmet into a Cosplay Outfit Now?

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Exit Sign WIN

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Visiting The Old School WIN

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Hugh Jackman Asked His Fans to Caption a Picture of Him Training for Old Man Logan Role, and the Responses Are Amazing

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Watching Patrick Stewart Watching James McAvoy Shave His Head for Professor X Is More Enjoyable Than It Should Be

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Professor X WIN

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