This Dude's Been Drinking His Own Piss for 23 Years and Claims It's Curing All His Diseases

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How'd He Do That? of the Day: Quirkology Makes a Bottle Appear Out of Nowhere and Then Shows How it Was Done

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Baseball Has a New Comeback King: The LUMBERKINGS!

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This Dude Made It His Quest in Life to Document Iconic Video Game Characters Drowning

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What Better Way to Boost Your Self Esteem Than by Being a Body Builder in a (Literally) Tiny Town!

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rude and disrespectful houseguests | gen3stang My cousin punched my wall. Left hole and started laughing he got his first house went over and punched hole right wall waited 11 years do .

Amazingly Disrespectful Things Done By Houseguests

How hard is it to be decent?
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Historical Location WIN

history signs wtf - 4363505664
By badgerguy97
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WTF of the Day: This Might Be the Most Desperate Insurance Scammer Ever

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interesting optical illusions | dog head peeking from behind a wall next to a pair of human legs | driver running out of a race car looking as if he's floating above it

Eye-Twisting Moments of Strange Perspective

"Does that dog have people legs?"
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Surfboard Guitar WIN

awesome dual use guitar Music surfing wtf - 4579958016
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Hacking Your Eyes to Give Yourself Night Vision

guy uses chlorin e6 to get nightvision
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WTF of the Day: Guy Simulates Racing Game With Beer Can and Iron

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christmas wtf kim kardashian Video - 67288833

A Very Kim K Christmas Card

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creations that are skillfully made but weird and bad taste | road map carpet inside a car | porta potties stacked on top of each other and wrapped in Christmas lights

Impressive Creations Of Questionable Taste

Yeah, no, it's uh... good.
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The Best Way To Work Out Those Ankles

wtf mindwarp gifs push ups - 7077846272
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Norway wtf taxi funny monday thru friday g rated - 53546497

Norway's Prime Minister Is Driving a Taxi?!?!

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