Someday Somebody Will Notice What's Going On With This Performance Review. Not Today.

anime work video games - 8130368768
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cleaning work Video g rated win - 70186497

Cleaning the Windows Like a Ninja

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lightsaber star wars work Video win - 84555521

When the Dark Side Doesn't Pay Enough, You Gotta Get a Second Job

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Job Perks WIN

advertisement bus bus driver clever school bus work - 6150458624
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construction driving signs warning work - 4695294464
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Promoter WIN

metal pizza work air guitar - 6789564160
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funny memes, dank memes, shitposts, stupid memes, 2020 memes, relatable memes, quarantine, work | And winner this year's award worst nest ever goes pigeon sitting next to an egg surrounded by some sticks | OVERCONFIDENT FLYING FISH DID ESCAPED PREDATORS HAVE EVOLVED! BIRDS: Conceited reaction

Dankalicious Memes For Killing Precious Time

It's time for some scrolling
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This Brilliant Aussie is Finally Putting Hoverboards to Good Use

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twitter work basketball money Video - 478724

When Working Hard Fails, You Might Have to Get Creative to Get That Raise

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drama work social media Video - 72756481

This is Exactly What We All Want to do When Someone Hops on a Social Media Drama Soapbox

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Clever Signs When Your Store is Going Out of Business

win clever signs from employees at going out of business Australian retailer Dick Smith
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Routine Maintenance WIN

bridge dont-look-down photography vertigo work - 6066804224
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A Valiant Tale of Pest Control

work - 8124572416
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Stories of big mistakes people made at work | anexistentialpeanut 4.8k points 9 hours ago My first day working at coffe shop left my sharpie oven. Finally found while trying warm sandwich and had shut whole thing down be cleaned smelled like chemical weapon

Times People Really Screwed Up at Work

One misplaced item can turn into a whole lot of pain.
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Completely Relevant News: It's Not Procrastination (Really!)

completely relevant news internet Office procrastination work - 5103385856

The Dark Council of Sorcery Will Return to You Shortly

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