Currency Art WIN

hacked irl currency art design wizard abraham lincoln - 6697630464
Via Reddit
cops scifi wizard Video - 76071681

Wizard Cops is the Best, Weirdest Video I've Watched All Day

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Your Facial Hair is No Match For This Champion

beard facial hair wizard BAMF - 7401174016
Via Metro

Street Surfing WIN

wizard surfing BAMF horse - 6956649728
Created by Unknown
Carnival cotton candy Stupid Human Tricks Video wizard - 38326529

Cotton Candy Wizard WIN

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Wizard WIN

clever newspaper wizard wtf - 4381539328
Created by Unknown
blizzard snow wizard winter Video g rated win - 58472705

There's a Wizard in Command of the North Carolina Blizzard

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Snowman WIN

driveway gandalf Lord of the Rings nerdgasm snowman win-g-rated wizard you shall not pass - 5706759168
Via Polythene_Man

A Wizard is Always on Time, Unless There's Traffic

Lord of the Rings gandalf cars wizard g rated win - 8149507840
Via NuKsUkOw
best of week g rated Hall of Fame Music sampling Video win wizard YT video - 40470017

Sampling Wizard WIN

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Beard Measurement WIN

beard drawing facial hair graph wizard - 4717458432
Created by Unknown

The Wizard is Here, and He's Making Cotton Candy Magic

cotton candy gifs magic wizard - 8168505088
Via global___warming

It's Just Camera Magic, or This Guy is Just a Laundry Wizard

laundry gifs sorcery wizard - 8372379136
Via iBleeedorange

Hacked IRL: Back, Fiend!

Battle decay dragon fantasy graffiti hacked irl wizard - 5251692800
Created by Unknown

The Wizard WIN

beard id license magic name change nerd wizard - 5355803904
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: My Architecture Looks Funny

graffiti hacked irl Street Art water tower wizard - 5834284544
Via Colossal
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