Internet Wisdom WIN

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Hacked IRL: Well Played

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Via The High Definite
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This Short Cartoon Will Show You the Power of Empathy Versus Sympathy and Make You a Better Person

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This Homeless Man Drops the Uncomfortable Truth About Living in America Today

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Rare Footage of Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie

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A Little Advice for This Week

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By Unknown

Good Life Advice You Should Take to Heart

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By Unknown

Do You Need Any Other Reason for a Cooker?

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A Piece of Encouragement from the Streets

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Jim Carrey Drops Some Wisdom on These Graduates in Just Under a Minute

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Be Right Back, Getting My Life in Order

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By Unknown
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Meet Igor, a Man Full of Wisdom, and Full of the Crazies

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Speaking of Which, Time to Call the Parents...

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Hacked IRL: Live Life to the Fullest

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Tell it Like it is, Joey

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Wisdom From the Elders

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Via iBleedorange
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