A Little Motivation for Your Day

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We've All Been There, Vending Machine

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Wisdom WIN

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Life's a Dance

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funny quotes by kids

A Teacher Posts Kindergarten Kid's Quotes on Instagram and They Are Amazing

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A Little Advice for This Week

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Hacked IRL: Well Played

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It's Not the Most Pleasant Way, but it Gets the Job Done

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Bathroom Wisdom for Your Dance Floor Problems

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wisdom homeless Video politics - 71570689

This Homeless Man Drops the Uncomfortable Truth About Living in America Today

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Bathroom Wisdom WIN

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wisdom old people rock Video g rated win - 68057601

Older Folks Answer the Question "What Would You Tell Young People?" and the Results Are Heartwarming

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wisdom school Video graduation g rated win - 61758465

Jim Carrey Drops Some Wisdom on These Graduates in Just Under a Minute

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Good Advice for a Happy Life

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We Can All Learn Something From the Panda

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Wisdom From Schoolroom Graffiti

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