Wall Vinyl WIN

vinyl sticker design bathroom g rated win - 6938161408
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Juxtaposed Vinyl WIN

80s michael jackson parody record vinyl Weird Al Yankovic - 5080510464
Created by Unknown
cool trick nice shot record turntable Video vinyl - 37793281

Laying Down the Tracks WIN

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vinyl tacos Video win - 72520961

That Tortilla Sounds Delicious

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What Time is it? Star Wars Time!

Via TheVinylClocks

A Lamp for the Music Lovers Out There

design lamp vinyl records - 7980430080
Created by Unknown
vinyl art design Video - 58445569

Don't Think, Just Chill Out Watching This Submerged Turntable

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design music video records stop motion Video vinyl - 36969473

Stop Motion Music Video WIN

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She's a Hunk of Junk, but She Plays "Dark Side of the Moon" Just Fine

vinyl turntable record design millennium falcon g rated win - 8432882432
Via Picotek Design
DIY pro tip vinyl record Video g rated win - 62820097

Classic: You Can Use Wood Glue to Make Your Vinyls Like New. Seriously!

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Vinyl Clock WIN

vinyl record DIY clock - 6944132352
Via Reddit
chocolate design vinyl record Video - 65119745

The Vinyl Industry Didn't Die, it Just Turned to Chocolate!

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vinyl turntable lego record design Video - 69750529

Mad LEGO Genius: A Fully-Functioning Brick Turntable.

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