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Portal Braces WIN

costume fan fan made nerdgasm Portal video games - 5653958656
Via Neatorama
lego nerdgasm video games Video - 64850945

Take a Tour Through This LEGO-fied Version of DOOM!

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Crochet Gamer Blanket WIN

nerdgasm blanket video games - 6732504832
By Fluffybunnywant2kill

Select Your Character!

Street Art graffiti Street fighter hacked irl video games - 8406363136
Via mono
Video Game Coverage Mario Kart video games Super Mario bros nintendo win - 81329665

Doubt Your Eyes as You Watch This Speedrunner Crush Super Mario World Without Using a Single Power-Up

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cake food Pokémon video games - 4212825856
By Unknown
Guy accidentally sends Super Mario-inspired CV to his potential employers by accident.

Guy Sends Amazing Super Mario-Inspired CV to Potential Employers By Accident

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The Master TP

Bathroom Graffiti the legend of zelda nerdgasm hacked irl video games funny - 7878137344
By Unknown
funny Music video games g rated win - 56324609

The Clemson Tigers Marching Band are the Coolest, Geekiest Bunch You'll See This Week

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Pokémon pokemon go Video Game Coverage video games win - 906757

Guy Playing Pokémon GO Live-Tweets the Ridiculous Number of Rare Pokémon He Encounters in His Condo

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Inflatable Cores WIN

stuff nerdgasm Portal video games - 6773244928
Via Think Geek
world of warcraft Game of Thrones Video Game Coverage mash up video games Video win - 80911105

Watch Jon Snow's Hysterically Perfect Tribute to Leeroy Jenkins

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Video Game Coverage video games mario win - 82789633

Watch the Dream Team of Speedrunners Pull off the Holy Grail of Mario 64 Glitches

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Nerdy Cake WIN

cake food nerdgasm video games - 4555212032
By Unknown
rick and morty mods cartoons food video games video game logic Video - 86152193

The Rick and Morty GTA V Mod Is Here and It's the Stuff of Dreams

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lights nerdgasm pinball Video video games - 30838785

Pinball Lights WIN

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