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arcade coin nerdgasm stop motion Video video games - 23907841

Insert Coin WIN

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Gameboy WIN

Street Art nerdgasm graffiti hacked irl video games gameboy - 6975859968
Via Reddit
chair expensive video games Video - 45649153

Motion Chair WIN

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T-Virus Containment Vehicle?

cars nerdgasm DIY video games - 8384401408
Created by EnzeruSarel

Super Fridge World

design video games fridge nintendo g rated win - 8295288064
Via Acid Cow
parody video games mario Video - 82662145

Super Mario Galaxy IRL Looks Dangerous

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This Redditor Started Making Stained Glass as Therapy, and the Results Are Astounding (and Geeky!)

funny nerdgasm video games mega man stained glass - 7910223104
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Video Game Coverage reactions video games funny - 1042693

Rockstar Games Teased the Next Red Dead Redemption Game, and the Fans Are Reacting with Some Comedy Gold

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world of warcraft Game of Thrones Video Game Coverage mash up video games Video win - 80911105

Watch Jon Snow's Hysterically Perfect Tribute to Leeroy Jenkins

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Space Invaders Cake WIN

cake food nerdgasm space invaders video games - 4540814336
Created by geha714

Portal 2 Christmas Present WIN

clever g rated Portal portal 2 video games win - 5567579392
Created by Uncle Chris
FAIL video games bioshock - 120582

Watch Windows 10 Try to Update During This Dude's Attempted Speedrun While Playing Bioshock

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Portable NES WIN

classic nerdgasm NES portable video games - 5911741696
Via Fort90

8-Bit Sand WIN

8 bit art awesome nerdgasm sand sculpture video games - 4985383936
Created by SreyFlux
Mario Kart awesome video games IRL video games nintendo - 85402369

Nintendo Puts Banana Peels In Path of Real Life Mario Kart Business Making Money Off Their Ideas, Hilarity Ensues

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Stained Glass WIN

master chief nerdgasm halo video games - 6854748160
Via Etsy
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