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Pumpkin Revenge WIN

carving halloween nerdgasm pop culture pumpkins sculpture video game - 5356707328
Via reddit

Snorlax Chair WIN

bean bag chair design furniture nerdgasm Pokémon video game - 5340447744
arcade design Video video game - 37014785

Real-Time Frogger WIN

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CLASSIC: Emergency WIN

case duck hunt emergency nerdgasm NES nintendo video game - 5255788800
Created by maxystone

Viewpoint Sync WIN

costume heights video game nerdgasm assassins creed - 6727197952
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: Barrel of Fun

donkey kong fake hacked irl nerdgasm photoshopped video game - 5782039040
Created by cherub ( Via )

Hacked IRL: Super Mario Between Pipes

hacked irl nerdgasm pipes video game - 4891920384
Created by sixonefive72
hack mario modification nerdgasm nintendo pixel Super Mario bros Video video game - 25772801

Super Pixel Bros WIN

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Minecraft Creations WIN

custom DIY minecraft nerdgasm video game - 5368715520

Take One WIN

mario nerdgasm sign Super Mario bros take one video game - 5336749312
Via reddit

Refreshing PUNCH WIN

drink falcon punch nerdgasm video game - 5132617216
Created by kenji_harima

Play the Game WIN

classic controller hacked soccer sports video game - 5095018240

Tetris IRL WIN

nerdgasm puzzle stacking tetris video game - 5133611520

Microsoft Points Error WIN

error free stuff money nerdgasm video game xbox - 5443990016
Created by ParanoidPenguin ( Via Loudmouthed Gamers )

Pumpkin-omb WIN

carving mario nerdgasm pumpkins Super Mario bros video game - 5273931264
Via reddit

Nerdy Mortarboard WIN

cap companion cube graduation nerdgasm Portal video game - 4873406976
Created by chocopants
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