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Pokemon Cakes WIN

cupcake dessert food nerdgasm Pokémon video game - 5340368896
Via Geeks are Sexy
geeky mario nerdgasm nintendo roomba super mario Video video game - 26092289

Roomba WIN

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Nerdy Mortarboard WIN

cap companion cube graduation nerdgasm Portal video game - 4873406976
By chocopants

Minecraft WIN

answer clever minecraft nerdgasm test video game - 5517993472
By RobKone

Teamwork WIN

help kids teamwork video game - 5473358592
By Unknown

Pumpkin-omb WIN

carving mario nerdgasm pumpkins Super Mario bros video game - 5273931264
Via reddit

Minecraft Creations WIN

custom DIY minecraft nerdgasm video game - 5368715520
By Unknown

Bored at Work WIN

Office office supplies plant video game - 5185693696
By Unknown
DIY fallout modification nerdgasm Video video game - 25362689

Pipboy WIN

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Arcade Table WIN

arcade buttons nerdgasm push the button video game - 5374777856
By catasaurus84

Hacked IRL: Super Mario Between Pipes

hacked irl nerdgasm pipes video game - 4891920384
By sixonefive72

Play the Game WIN

classic controller hacked soccer sports video game - 5095018240
By Unknown


billboard doom video game Xmas - 3170708992
By Unknown

Pikachu Bus WIN

bus nerdgasm nintendo oh Japan pikachu Pokémon video game - 5425510656
By JasonTehRedneck
musical nerdgasm Skyrim Video video game - 28939265

Song of Skyrim WIN

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Potions WIN

health nerdgasm video game - 5364822528
By Unknown
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