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Take One WIN

mario nerdgasm sign Super Mario bros take one video game - 5336749312
Via reddit

Post-It Megaman WIN

8 bit nerdgasm nintendo video game - 5130857216
Via Geeks Are Sexy
DIY gamecube nerdgasm portable Video video game - 31382273

Portable Gamecube WIN

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Parking Sign WIN

8 bit nerdgasm parking sign space invaders video game - 5312286976
Created by Unknown

Viewpoint Sync WIN

costume heights video game nerdgasm assassins creed - 6727197952
Created by JBooyah
lego video game - 44898561

LEGO Craftsmanship of the Day: Modern Submachine Carbine (Black Ops 2)

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DIY fallout modification nerdgasm Video video game - 25362689

Pipboy WIN

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Hyrulian Flash Drive WIN

flash drive legend of zelda nerdgasm shield thumb drive video game zelda - 5270412288
Via Geeks are Sexy

Assassin's Creed Hoodie WIN

assassins creed clever fashion hoodie nerdgasm sweatshirt video game - 5419315712
Via Geekologie

404 Error WIN

nerdgasm NES video game website - 5408561920
Created by Unknown

Pacman Guitar WIN

guitar Music nerdgasm pacman video game - 4896006656
Created by sixonefive72

Blowing Off Steam WIN

arcade cop ironic light gun game video game - 6349716224
Created by Unknown
awesome nerdgasm Portal Video video game - 20500225

Portal Preformance WIN

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bed decoration design home nerdgasm NES nintendo video game - 5204853248
Created by Poopay ( Via )

Mortal Kombat Pizza WIN

food Mortal Kombat nerdgasm pizza video game - 5394733056
Created by Unknown

Microsoft Points Error WIN

error free stuff money nerdgasm video game xbox - 5443990016
Created by ParanoidPenguin ( Via Loudmouthed Gamers )
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