Bad Idea WIN

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His Bulking Diet Now Includes Solids

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The Science Behind A Retort

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Backing Down from Censorship WIN

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Quiet Down

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Laying Down the Sass WIN

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Ok But When Will He Name One After His OTP Ship Name?

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Look Out For Hillary Clinton's Cooking Blog to Launch ASAP

funny twitter image email aren't safe only the story section of recipe blogs are
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One Clever Girl Found the Best Use of Trump Dodging Questions Quotes, and You're Going to Want to Use it to Avoid Awkward Questions Too

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When Your Kid Isn't Very Athletic So You Think Watching a Game Together Couldn't Hurt, But...

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This NFL Parody Using Adele's Hello is Something Every Football Fan Can Agree With

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Watch This Cop Slay Some Beyoncé Formation at a High School Pep Rally

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Feelin' High and Mighty

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Kanye Celebrates Squashing the Fabricated West/Swift Beef For Unity in This Clever Shirt

win kanye west and taylor swift album mash up shirt to celebrate unity over beef
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If This College Softball Player Wasn't Already Using the Nickname 'Twinkletoes' They Should be Now

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson ponders what difference the reaction would be to an Alien visit from Clinton VS Trump and J.K. Rowlings says it would depend if the Alien has breasts or not.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Asked a Legitimate Question About Trump/Clinton Meeting Aliens and the Quick J.K. Rowling Had the Best Answer

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