She's a Hunk of Junk, but She Plays "Dark Side of the Moon" Just Fine

vinyl turntable record design millennium falcon g rated win - 8432882432
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Scratching Post WIN

cat design dj turntable - 6522942976
Created by nerble314

Turntable WIN

g rated Hall of Fame Music nerdgasm r2-d2 star wars turntable win - 6109419520
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Hall of Fame Music record relaxing turntable Video - 35894529

Turntable Drawing WIN

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vinyl turntable lego record design Video - 69750529

Mad LEGO Genius: A Fully-Functioning Brick Turntable.

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design dj r2-d2 turntable Video - 37544961

DJ-D2 In Action WIN

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Drop the Beat, Chewie

turntable Music star wars nerdgasm funny - 7876247552
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cool trick nice shot record turntable Video vinyl - 37793281

Laying Down the Tracks WIN

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