You Don't Love Star Wars as Much as This Ford Owner

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By Unknown
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This Driver Probably Needs New Underwear After This Close Call

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All Those Years of Mario Kart Paid Off for This Guy

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Liquid Transportation WIN

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By Tammy


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By Unknown

Finally, Accurate Marketing

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Via babsgordon
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This Jet-Powered Semi is Called "Shockwave," and for Good Reason

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Clever Slogan WIN

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By barnowl2468
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Who Knew Trucks Could Pull Stunts Like These?

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The Jet-Powered Samurai is Everything Your Inner Redneck Dreams of

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Bumper Sticker WINbumper stickers,

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By zil1377

Appropriate Driver WIN

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By Unknown

Let's Paint a Happy Little Truck Right Here

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By Unknown

Hauling What You Need WIN

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By B$

Extreme Brakes in Practice

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By Unknown

Truck on Truck Action WIN

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By Unknown
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