Custom Action Figure Making Taken to the Next Level

transformers toys nerdgasm Star Trek g rated win - 7387789568
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transformers geek robots Video win - 82666497

This Person Just Came The Closest Anyone Ever Has To Creating A Real-Life Optimus Prime

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In Disguise WIN

driving nerdgasm optimus prime transformers truck vehicle - 6346165504
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Engagement Ring WIN

nerdgasm ring transformers wedding - 5869129984
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Not Very Subtle About Your Allegiances?

transformers cars nerdgasm funny - 7720631296
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Convertible WIN

transformers cars funny - 7887716864
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Prime Knitting WIN

Hall of Fame knitting nerdgasm optimus prime transformers - 6324957696
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pop culture transformers - 3593617408
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Scrap Metal Ravager WIN

art cars junk nerdgasm pop culture sculpture transformers - 5277814528
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Transformers Typeface WIN

art design detailed engineering mechanical nerdgasm robot transformers - 5390964480
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Transformers WIN

nerdgasm Recycled sculpture transformers - 6032375808
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Optimus Time is Here to Repair the Continuum

transformers cosplay tardis nerdgasm doctor who optimus prime - 8169602816
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This Street Performer is Ready to Roll Out

transformers costume gif street performer - 8004337152
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Gingerbread Optimus is the Geekiest Celebration of Holiday Confections

food gingerbread transformers g rated win - 7963982592
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Optimus Snow WIN

ice nerdgasm optimus prime snow transformers - 5934698752
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Cleaning the Floors WIN

transformers optimus prime hacked irl - 7130905088
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