Roll Out!

transformers gif cars funny - 7802548224
Created by Unknown

Transformer Ukulele WIN

custom g rated guitar instrument modification Music nerdgasm transformers ukulele win - 5531321600
Via Neatorama

Hopefully Everyone Shouted "Amazon bots, roll out!" at This Awesome Costume

halloween win office costume party winner turned amazon boxes into transformer
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In Disguise WIN

driving nerdgasm optimus prime transformers truck vehicle - 6346165504
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From Hero to Writing Utensil in the Blink of an Eye

design optimus prime pen transformers - 8228538112
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Optimus Snow WIN

ice nerdgasm optimus prime snow transformers - 5934698752
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Poptimus Prime is the Largest Balloon Sculpture Made by a Single Person

Balloons design optimus prime transformers g rated win - 8167383296
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Someone is Turning Old Junk Into a Beautiful Optimus Prime

transformers design nerdgasm optimus prime - 8279944704
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Chicken Coop WIN

transformers design nerdgasm optimus prime - 6730661888

Prime Knitting WIN

Hall of Fame knitting nerdgasm optimus prime transformers - 6324957696
Via Neatorama

Ice-timus Prime

carving ice nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture transformers - 7994537984
Via Antti Pedrozo

Transformers Bread WIN

bread food nerdgasm om nom nom transformers - 5760712192
Created by Chase
knex optimus prime toys transformers Video - 21911041

Optimus Prime K'nex WIN

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Engagement Ring WIN

nerdgasm ring transformers wedding - 5869129984
Via TheBoog17

They've Been Here Forever

ford transformers truck - 4104034304
Created by Yakuzze

Not Very Subtle About Your Allegiances?

transformers cars nerdgasm funny - 7720631296
Created by Unknown
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