Lego Ghostbusters WIN

Ghostbusters lego Movie pop culture toy - 5107276800
Via Tpolisher

Toy Photography WIN

boba fett lego nerdgasm photography star wars toy - 5270611968
Via Geeks are Sexy

Lego Ninja WIN

batman clever huge lego model pixar pop culture sculpture toy - 5297201920
By Unknown

Perspective Drawing WIN

chalk drawing lego nerdgasm perspective Street Art toy - 5411646720
By Unknown

Nerd Lamp WIN

action figure custom DIY lamp sculpture toy - 5352141824
Via etsy
bird demonstration flight take my money toy Video wings - 32916481

Ornithopter Toy WIN

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Conspiracy Models WIN

Conspiracy Theory gallery model plastic toy - 5130657536
Via Laughing Squid

Pez Dispenser WIN

alien candy clever custom nerdgasm toy - 5336680192
By Unknown
ball birds eye view camera gadget panorama photography Tech toy Video - 27427329

Panorama Ball Camera WIN

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creepy robot toy Video - 33709825

Walking Robot Toy WIN

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Water Balloon Roulette WIN

gun toy water balloon - 6570223104
Via Laughing Squid
design knex model roller coaster toy Video - 41940225

Knex Room WIN

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Hacked IRL: Wind-Up

bike rack graffiti hacked irl mouse toy wind up - 5160574976
Via Bit and Pieces
cars custom DIY RC remote controlled tank toy Video - 27717633

Tank Toy WIN

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Floating Fortress WIN

swimming toy whee - 5835852544
By Unknown

Throne of Games WIN

best of week board games Game of Thrones Hall of Fame nerdgasm toy - 6475673088
By TheScarletRebel
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