Toy Photography WIN

boba fett lego nerdgasm photography star wars toy - 5270611968
Via Geeks are Sexy
Hot Wheels nerdgasm nostalgia toy Video - 34064641

Hot Wheels City WIN

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Lego Robo WIN

giant lego mall nerdgasm robot toy - 5073324288
Created by Unknown

Lego Ninja WIN

batman clever huge lego model pixar pop culture sculpture toy - 5297201920
Created by Unknown

Steampunk Nerf Mod WIN

g rated Hall of Fame modification nerdgasm Nerf Steampunk toy win - 5879058944
Via Obvious Winner

Hacked IRL: Follow the Bouncing Ball

art ball hacked irl installation toy weird - 5879197696
Via Neatorama

Pez Dispenser WIN

alien candy clever custom nerdgasm toy - 5336680192
Created by Unknown

Holy Bricks WIN

lego model monty python Movie nerdgasm nerdy pop culture toy - 5248297984
Via Geeks are Sexy
science sculpture toy Video - 40464385

Kinetic Lights WIN

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Barrel Monkey Portrait WIN

art clever design monkey portrait toy - 5444046848
Via Dangerous Minds


toy lego stuff wood - 6796224768
Via Colossal


awesome product toy - 4177860864
Created by sodaberry
contraption g rated Hall of Fame lego rube goldberg toy Video win YT video - 31385601

Lego Contraption WIN

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Floating Fortress WIN

swimming toy whee - 5835852544
Created by Unknown

Rocking Chopper WIN

design motorcycle toy - 6133499648
Via Stilsucht
g rated nerdgasm puzzle rubiks cube toy Video win - 34676481

Blindfolded Solving WIN

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