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There I Fixed It: I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear the Music Over the Sound of My Awesome Kludge

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Created by Bob
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Bro's Typical Bathroom Outing Comes to Screeching Halt With Amazing Toilet Paper Plot Twist

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Emergency Roll WIN

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Make Pooping Great Again

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Hacked IRL: They're Taking Him to a Browner Place

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Created by BSR

This is How You Keep Enough TP For Everyone

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Holding Your TP WIN

bathroom batman fix nerdgasm toilet paper - 6508715520
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Time to Change the Roll WIN

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Created by Unknown

Plan B Stands For "Boxers"

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Created by Andy_Dude

Toilet Paper Name WIN

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Created by BennyMadman

Bonus Points for Rolling in the Proper Direction!

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Bathroom Doodle WIN

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Hacked IRL: Why Did I Have To Run Out Now?

Bathroom Graffiti hacked toilet paper - 4778599936
Created by Unknown

Instant Fun WIN

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