Caught in the Act WIN

prank timing water - 6096461568
Created by Unknown

Pre-Eruption WIN

eerie gas nature photography timing - 5174491648

This is the Last Thing You See Before a Penguin Eats You

animals photography penguin timing g rated win - 7941388288
Via Indulgd

Nice Timing WIN

animated gifs high five nice timing stop sign timing - 6629362688
Created by Unknown

Timing WIN

timing photography funny - 7754031872
Created by Unknown

Body Surfer WIN

timing photography dive whee perspective - 6992700928
Created by kotaikote

You See Urban Decay, They See a Photo Op

timing photography photo op - 8111782144
Via Google

These Moves are Straight Out of "Dragonball"!

timing photography - 7186727424
Via Uproxx

Perfect Timing WIN

awesome buildings photography planes timing - 4794375168
Created by sixonefive72

Who Says They Can't Fly?

animals photography timing - 8007919104
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Vader-ing Never Looked so Cute

timing photography cute nerdgasm darth vader g rated win - 7412602624
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Timing WIn

water balloon timing photography funny - 7712762880
Created by Unknown

That's One Convenient Rainbow

sign advertisement timing photography skittles perspective funny - 7836872448
Created by Unknown

Nice Timing WIN

beach mine photography seagull timing - 5850457088
Via jammasterdj

Ridiculously Photogenic Martial Arts

sports timing martial arts funny - 7886214912
Via Reddit
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