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clever parenting dad Video there I fixed it g rated win - 71540481

Supreme Dad ingenuity is Playing Catch Without Moving

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alarm horn Video win there I fixed it parking - 75715329

If Parking Sensors Are a Bit Pricey, Try This Simple Solution

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Our Friends in the UK Will Appreciate This DIY Trick

clever DIY design there I fixed it sink - 8342826752
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Bring it on, Hail Storm!

cars there I fixed it - 8217231616
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Warm Weather and Old Hardware Brings Clever Solutions!

DIY laptop there I fixed it - 8387147008
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heartwarming redneck monster truck truck Video win there I fixed it rescue - 79602945

Watch a Monster Truck Make a 'Redneck Rescue' Through Texas Floodwaters

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driving truck classic Video win there I fixed it - 75575809

When a Big Truck Flips Over, You might Want to Call These Guys

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cars driving leak win there I fixed it - 75833089

These Drivers Can See the Silver Lining in a Leaking Pipe, a Free Public Car Wash

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cars driving Video win there I fixed it - 81604353

Flat Tire? Keep Chill and Skate On Like This Guy

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lazy Video there I fixed it - 60202241

Taking Garbage Disposal to a New, Lazy Level

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The Stink-B-Gone

animals win there I fixed it - 8583244032
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It's Not Stupid if it Works!

clever DIY shoes there I fixed it stove - 8256680192
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How to Turn Your Phone Into a Projector for Less Than $5.00

DIY of how to make a very simple wall projector using your iphone, a magnifying glass and a shoe box.
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Soup Engineering at Work

design soup DIY there I fixed it - 8378057984
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Bonus Points (XP?) for Creativity

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snow table winter Video win there I fixed it - 84187137

No Shovel? No Problem!

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