there I fixed it

There I Fixed It: I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear the Music Over the Sound of My Awesome Kludge

g rated Hall of Fame iphone phone there I fixed it toilet paper - 6427776768
Created by Bob

I'm Getting a Little Feedback From This Gearshift

cars custom DIY there I fixed it - 8330862848
Created by anselmbe

Build Your Own Funnel, Why Not!

Via Acid Cow

Warm Weather and Old Hardware Brings Clever Solutions!

DIY laptop there I fixed it - 8387147008
Via Acid Cow
alarm horn Video win there I fixed it parking - 75715329

If Parking Sensors Are a Bit Pricey, Try This Simple Solution

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Doorbell WIN

doorbell fun there I fixed it - 6206659584
Via Epic Ponyz

Finally Took the Plunge on Phone Accessories

puns plunger win there I fixed it iphone - 8596665344
Created by Snake73
cars driving Video win there I fixed it - 81604353

Flat Tire? Keep Chill and Skate On Like This Guy

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fishing Video win there I fixed it - 79757313

Of Course a Florida Man Could Catch a 400-Pound Goliath Grouper with a Wrench

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cars classic Video there I fixed it - 74615809

Pushing Your Car Just Got More Interesting

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DIY nintendo there I fixed it Video - 42454785

Mechanical Donkey Kong WIN

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Finally Putting Those Old Smash Mouth CDs to Good Use

Via Brown Cardigan

The Most Organized and Delicious Smoker

The Most Organized and Delicious Smoker
Via insoh2

Dude It's Not Delivery, It's a Dell!

pizza laptop win there I fixed it - 8603723776
Created by spazz1219

The Magic of Science WIN

car repair there I fixed it tire - 6284582656
Created by Unknown
clever DIY Video there I fixed it g rated win - 71064577

America: Where You Get a Bigger, Badder Machine to do the Work of a Smaller Machine

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