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Ever Wondered What's Inside a Stun Gun?

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Hacked IRL: So That's How They Shot Volcano

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Cool Spy Food Technology of the Day: Toasteroid, the First APP Controlled Smart Image Toaster

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Via Kickstarter

How Nick Offerman and a Greeting Card Company Trolled All Of CES

american greetings and nick offerman troll ces tech expo
Via American Greetings
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Shut Up and Take My Money of the Day: Copenhagen Literally Reinvented the Wheel

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Circuit Tree WIN

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Created by sixonefive72
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Flashback Win: Watch Steve Jobs Introduce the iPhone

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App Logos WIN

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Of Course Someone Made a 360° Video Surrounded With Fit Woman Working Out

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Leap WIN

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Using Just One Turntable, Watch a Mechanical Demonstration of a Techno Song

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Controlling the Game With Your Mind

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Let John Oliver Explain the FBI iPhone Encryption Debate

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A funny Tumblr thread about how humans will pack bond with anything | voidspacer My roomba is scared thunderstorms sitting at my desk just few minutes ago, drawing, and really loud crack thunder went off-no power surges or anything, just thunder-and my roomba fled its dock and started spinning circles currently now have an active roomba sitting quietly on my lap systlin Humans will pack bond with anything. Source: voidspacer

Tumblr Thread: Humans Will Pack Bond With Anything

All hail Flag Admiral Stabby.
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Prime Minister Trudeau Knows How to Wow a Crowd, Even When it's About Quantum Computing

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