Star Wars Has Samurai Movie Roots, and This Guy Got a Tattoo to Show it All Off

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May the Glory of Left Shark Live on Forever!

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Michael Baxter is 60 Years Old and Has 200 Simpsons Characters Tattooed on His Back

tattoos BAMF the simpsons - 8399677696
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Dave Grohl Pays Permanent Tribute To a Rock Legend's Death with an Ace of Spades Tattoo

Dave Grohl gets ace of spades tattoo to honor Motorhead's Lemmy's recent death
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Attack on This Awesome Tattoo

design tattoos - 8185356032
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trump troll for tattoo on Twitter

For 5,000 Retweets This Comedian Got a Donald Trump Sucking a D*ck Tattoo, Like For Real

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See, Sriracha Can Even Fix a Break-Up

funny dating image sriracha covers up ex girlfriend name tattoo
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If You've Played With LEGO at All, You Know Why This Tattoo is the Best

lego design nerdgasm tattoos - 8053790464
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These Paints + UV Lights = Cool Body Paint!

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A Simpsons Super Fan Just Set Records With His Homer-fied Sleeve

the simpsons tattoos g rated win - 8263284224

Do You Need Any Other Kind of Tattoo?

unicorn sign tattoos shark g rated win - 8415650816
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The Transformation from Wife to Ex-Wife Is Officially Complete

The Transformation from Wife to Ex-Wife Is Officially Complete
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The Legend of This Tattoo

nerdgasm tattoos video games - 8121981184
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It Didn't Take Long for Someone to Get a New Star Wars Tattoo

star wars design tattoos - 8391363328
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tattoos perspective illusion Video g rated win - 69722625

You'll Want to Touch This Cool 3D Tattoo Design

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Bad Tattoo? There's a Solution for That

correction fixed tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 8314124800
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