Skillet WIN

design Hall of Fame kitchen pan skillet sword - 6227176448
Created by Unknown

This LEGO Sword is Too Nerdy-Amazing For Words

lego nerdgasm sword - 7065017344
Via Obvious Winner
Harry Potter sword Video win - 83417601

Watch These Master Swordsmiths Recreate the Sword of Gryffindor

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bullet cool cut fast samurai science slow motion sword Video - 25732865

Bullet Cutting WIN

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Why Does This Have to Have an Age Limit?

sign nostalgia kids these days sword childhood enhanced - 8303386624
Via Melezag

Sword Maestry WIN

bullets gifs gun skills sword - 4737384448
Created by Zaar150
fashion design sword Video g  rated win - 65944833

Meet the Vietnam Hair Stylist Who Cuts Hair With a Sword

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This Guy Might Just be the Hero Salt Lake City Deserves

completely relevant news news justice sword BAMF - 7380721408
Via Uproxx

Making Sandwich Material WIN

sandwich food sword kitchen - 6675475712
Created by Unknown

Slay the Barbecue With This Crazy Machete-Spatual

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Umbrella Design WIN

awesome design sword weapons - 4863385344
Created by sixonefive72

Armed and Dangerous

BAMF dangerous old people rock sword g rated win - 7017722880
Via Joanne Casey
GoPro sword - 84996097

Here's a GoPro on a Sword Because Duh Why Wouldn't We Show You This

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samurai sports baseball sword Video win - 75011073

A Samurai Slicing a 100-MPH Baseball in Half is the Most Impressive Thing in Baseball Even With the Cubs Advancing in the Playoffs

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fruit ninja sword Video - 63939585

An Actual Fruit Ninja (or Samurai, Maybe) Goes to Town

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samurai robots sword Video - 71654913

It's Man vs Robot in This Awesome Swordsmanship Demonstration

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